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massage candlesNeuromuscular Massage Therapy – A clinical and highly successful version of soft tissue rehabilitation that promotes healing and recovery. All of our neuromuscular massage therapists are certified in the state of Georgia.

Back to Balance Wellness Center can provide you an effective, gentle, and non-surgical approach for the reduction and in most cases elimination of the pain caused by your injuries-old or new.

At Back to Balance Wellness Center, we manage a wide array of physical conditions through safe, specialized therapies without the use of surgery. After identifying the cause of your problem, we seek to correct your problem and relieve your pain so you can return to your normal, active lifestyle.

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Frozen shoulder no more!!!
After a fall from my horse, my orthopedic doctor diagnosed me with a frozen shoulder. During the frozen period of the injury, my shoulder range of motion became very limited and I would wake with pain during the night. After several weeks of interrupted sleep and increasing pain, I consulted my orthopedic doctor again. At this point the protocol for treatment was steroid injections which I really did not want to do but was considering due to pain. A friend of mine who was a patient of Dr. Matt's mentioned that he had a hot laser and that it might help my frozen shoulder. I made an appointment immediately, Dr. Matt was very knowledgeable about frozen shoulder and assured me that the laser would help. Within 4 treatments I was sleeping through the night and my pain was manageable. After several more treatments, my range of motion has been restored and I am pain free!!! I can't thank Dr. Matt and his wonderful staff enough for putting me back in the saddle!!!

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