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Awesome site
Awesome site and very informative... this is a must share....
Thanks for fixing me up
Thanks for fixing me up today - SOO needed. HOpe you have a good weekend!!
Dr. Germain is the best!!!!!
Dr. Germain is the best!!!!! Thank you for all your help. xo sks
I'm finally turning the corner!
Thank you Dr. Matt for helping me heal! I couldn't turn my head for 2 days and was in excruciating pain and I'm finally turning the corner!
Very grateful!
Dr. Matt and team have helped me heal from a slew of things! Very grateful!
Dr. Matt is the BEST!!!
Dr. Matt is the BEST!!! I can't rave about him or this place enough!
Just got worked on by Dr. Matt. Great experience, great staff, and great work! Yay, my shoulder might not decide to leave me. They have lots of other wellness services and are state-of-the-art, so go check them out!!
Magic to my back
Dr. Matt and team does magic to my back. I am suffering from back pain since 1 year Dr. Matt make me wake up in the morning without pain.



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Dr. Matthew Germain -- did wonders on my TMJ!
I had been experiencing frequent migranes and grown used to the pain over the course of a few years. However, I did not even think that chiropractic would be the ticket to relief in that area. I moved downtown Atlanta and heard about Back to Balance through a friend. After having stiff necks and extreme lower back pain, I decided to pay a visit Dr. Matt. I have United Healthcare insurance and was excited that it was in network! Even if it isn't, he still works wonderfully with his cash patients. I truly have seen the result of Dr. Matt caring about your health and not the money. His muscular-approach background of years in massage therapy prior sets him apart, its not all the cracking. So-- i had my first visit and can I just say I have never experienced permanent relief like this from another chiropractor? My migranes have absolutely STOPPED. I went from experiencing days of headaches to relief! My head felt a good 10-15 pounds lighter after his work and my lower back stays completely intact now. I am ever so thankful for Dr. Matt and his wonderful facility!...

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